How can you know that it is time to change your job (or not)?

How do you feel about your day at work when you’re waking up? It was long time ago,but I remember when going to work started gave me more pain than pleasure. I was grateful for the job.Some might even say that it was really good job and I certainly thought that when I was applying for it.

But now, after some time working there I was starring mindlessly through the window and phone was ringing for quite some time on my desk.I wasn’t there.”Are you gonna get that?” someone shouted, I woke up.

I have some vague ideas bouncing at the back of my mind about what to do next. But I kept saying to myself “That’s a great job. You can’t do that to them. They’ve invested a lot in you. They gave you a chance”. It was all true,but why was I feeling so bad about myself?

It wasn’t logical. It was a good job and I was good at it.I didn’t understand what’s going on,so I’ve buried my feelings under some extra work. But those feelings got worse.

I didn’t know that then,but I was feeling that this place is not for me and I didn’t want to admit it.

It usually works like that. We are so logical and practical that we don’t want to admit what we really want. Once I got clear about what I really wanted and I accepted it, I felt light. I felt relieved.

Then the decision to change the job was easy. I was clear that I don’t belong there and that I want to move to something more exciting.


Take your desires seriously. They will nag you. They will get more intensive. Take your time and listen to them. What do really want? Stay? Get a rise? Change? Listen carefully. If you try to bury them under more responsibilities they will come up even stronger.




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