Why You Should Stop Learning Programming And Start Doing It.


It seems that I’ve sent the wrong link in one of the emails so If you’re looking for an article
Which Programming Language Should Your Start With? here it is.

I see this all the time in many people and I’ve got this habit as well. When it comes to learning new skills I’m can totally immerse myself into doing research.

In fact I can totally forget about practicing the actually skill and instead reading about it.

In this video I will give you a few really good reasons why when it comes to learning programming it’s especially important to move as quickly as you can to actually applying what you’ve learned.

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  1. Duane Marshall says:

    Great little video Kuba. I avoided programming in school at all costs and found I needed to get involved in it during my profession. While learning on-the-job is good, I found the lack of resources or an authority to ask questions of difficult and made the journey that much slower…

    Keep up with the GIS info!

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