Why landing your dream job can be easier that you think…


A lot of people assume that getting a really great job is very hard. They assume that you have to make some inhuman effort to get there. I found that the opposite is true if you don’t assume one more thing.

Most people when asked about their perfect job don’t know what to say. They haven’t thought about it because they think it’s unrealistic to do that. They assume that it has to be something that by others’ standard is remarkable. They don’t think about what they really would be enjoy doing. They don’t take into account what they really want.

It’s fine when your dream job fits into some predefined standards,but it doesn’t have to. It’s really up to you to make sure that your dream job is really yours. But, why is it that important? Let me give you an example.

Let’s take two students that are about to graduate – Stuart and Bob. To get a great web dev job they have to build on their own a web application within six months. They both never programmed before.

Stuart was always fascinated by the subject and always wanted to explore it. Bob needs to get a job because he wants to buy himself a full size waxwork of T-Rex, don’t judge him, it was always his dream. Who will complete the project and create a great web app?

Stuart has advantage to see the project as something he personally values. It’s easy for him. He was always into this kind of things. Sure the job will be great, but process to get there will be personally rewarding as well. It seems that Stuart is on the good track.

Bob on the other hand is really a mystery. It’s possible that his desire is so strong and so important that he will just immerse himself in work and build something magnificent. Maybe. Who knows.

It’s not important what gives each of them strength to move forward, The important thing is that they know what it is. If they are sure about why they want to get the job, it will keep them both going.

The difference that it makes is huge. When your dream job is really meaningful to you, everything gets easier. Every step on the way is. Every obstacle is just a mere bump on the road.

Most people don’t want to admit to themselves things that they care about the most in a job. Even in their own heads they try to be politicly correct. Bob doesn’t care. He wants his T-Rex and he will probably get it.

Maybe your motivation is peculiar. It doesn’t matter. You don’t need to announce it to the world. Discover it and own it.

But if you’re not really honest with yourself you will make things harder not easier. You will try to motivate yourself and fail. You will go into all sorts of bogus conclusions about your personal ability.

Landing a dream job is becomes a lot easier when you personally define what it is and define why it matters to you.


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