Do you know that you can program yourself? Sounds scary? Impossible? Stupid?Well, you do this all the time:

  • If you know how to create software you’ve programmed yourself to do that
  • If you know how play video games you’ve programmed yourself to do that
  • If you suck at job interviews you’ve also programmed yourself to do that
I could go on and on.Programming yourself is teaching yourself to do something.Even if you don’t know that you’re doing this you’re still doing it.You’re learning all the time.It’s an awesome process. If you’ve programmed yourself to do what you want to do.But when something is difficult for you to do like for example doing job interviews, it’s easy to assume that It’s not programming,but the reality. But, here’s the question:Are you inherently bad at job interviews? Is evolution didn’t give you enough mind power to handle the situation?It may seem like it, but I don’t think so. It’s just programming. Well, not just.It’s a powerful programming that you did (and still doing) to yourself.And here’s the tricky part:Whatever “code” about given situation you’re running in your head it seems solid and unchangeable.But the truth is that it is not solid. It’s just self-perpetuating.So after a few bad job interviews you feel like it will be always that way. It’s all on autopilot. Your thoughts, your reactions and even your physiology. The “code” is there running in the background.So the questions is how to change this kind of “code” to get better results?Job interview is just an example of a situation that for a lot of software developers are uncomfortable. It’s just coded that way in our heads.It was coded in my head like that as well. And a bunch of similar things were coded the same way and were holding back my career.So, over the years I managed to figure out how to reprogram myself in a lot of those areas. I found that learning about mind is fascinating.And when you actually reprogram yourself  (or someone else) few times and see a positive change it’s even more fascinating because you start to understand that it’s not that hard. You just have to learn how to do it.Here are some articles to get you started:5 resons why it’s absolutly possible for you to get your dream jobNo one knows what career is within you…Why landing your dream job can be easier that you think…Cheers,Kuba Konczyk