The dark side of GIS programming


I think that Star Wars is a rich source of metaphors about the human nature. Our weaknesses are pretty obvious on the big screen. Our hero succumbs to the Dark Side. The symbol of fear and the resistance.

In the real life, things aren’t usually that dramatic. We’re not always aware of our own resistance. Especially at the beginning of our journey, just like Luke, we have to learn how to deal with it to develop our full power.

Maybe we’re not Jedi Knights that can harness the Force, but we can certainly develop the Skill. First however we have to go through the learning process which can be tough.

I was reminded of my Dark Side recently. I was physically exhausted, Resistance was vivid.  I was able to see learning programming in a fresh light. It’s even more true for GIS programming today because there’s so many technologies and moving parts that you can learn. You can read the whole story here.


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