How to make your resume really stand out from the rest

I have something really important to share with you today. It can be as important as the difference between getting your job or not.

The number one complaint that I hear a lot from people who are doing job interviewing and hiring is simply that they have just too much to do.

They are swamped with resumes piling up on their desks. Why should I care you might ask? Well,because most of the time those are the people that will read your resume. And even make some decisions about its future.

So you want to make sure that when they see your resume they want to immediately pick you instead of someone else.

But, how can you do that?

Most people try to create this impressive resume. So they write a long and detailed story about their work experience and all the projects they’ve done and skill they have.

Remember when I was talking about people who might read your resume?

They usually have lots of them to go through. So you can almost be sure that your detailed resume won’t be read. It will be “scanned”.

This kind of super detailed resume is important to have. But the version that you want send out is totally different.
So most people when they learn that they try to cut their resumes to one or two pages.

But this can be a mistake too, because length in itself is not that important.

You can have pretty short,but also pretty bad resume.It’s about something totally different.

Your resume has to match as much as possible the job position you’re going after. So when someone that knows what a position is about will look at it and there will be no doubt that you’re the one.

So it’s not about length of your resume, it’s about making it clear that you’re the best person for this position,no one else. It’s about demonstrating that you can do the job well. That you can get them result they want.

Making your resume strong requires quite a lot of work and research and most people are not willing to do that to get a job they really want. So if you do just that you’re well ahead of everyone else.