10 questions to ask yourself to discover your perfect GIS job

Thinking about the GIS job that you really want can be confusing. How to go about it? What are the posibilites? Answer honestly those ten questions and you will be on your way. One important tip is to not rush through it. Take your time and do your best.

  1. What are five things that I like about GIS field?
  2. Why those five?
  3. What are five applications of GIS that really ring my bells?
  4. Which one is the most interesting for me?
  5. Why is it interesting to me?
  6. How would my work look like doing this?
  7. What would be most satisfing part of this work?
  8. Why is that?
  9. What five tasks would I do there that I would really enjoy?
  10. Why those five?