Author: Kuba

How you can get the best out of each of your programming experiences


Over the years I’ve found that when I’m programming and it’s going great, I’m in a certain state of mind.

It’s this free-flowing state where the next steps and solutions present themselves easily. Without any effort.

For years I had no idea that this kind of experiences have their own name and there is an actual research running for years to examine how to get into this kind of effective state of mind.

In this video,I will share with you some of my tips on how to get and how to stay in this effective state of mind when you’re doing coding.

I wish I knew all this when I was starting out!


How to find your unique path to learning programming?


I believe that pretty much everyone can learn programming. Unfortunately a lot of people get discouraged when their first experiences with learning programming is negative.

This is how I started doing programming years ago. And probably by accident I didn’t give up. Instead I found my own way of learning programming.

So, if you feel that programming is not for you, it’s more likely that the method that you’re using is not for, not programming itself.

In this video I share with you the story of how did I start with programming, discovered my own path to learning programming and how you can do the same.


How You Can Choose The Best Programming Language For Web Development


In this video I do my best to help you out with making this important choice by giving you a really practical and down to earth “rule” to choose what will be best for you.

If you consider learning web development,but stuck and can’t move forward this video will be perfect for you.

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