I’ve got surprise for you…


Can’t believe it’s already summer!

Today, it was so hot, I couldn’t really work in a midday
and I had to take a break to jump into lake and cool myself down.

But, what I really wanted to tell you about is some new material
I was working on today…

But, first let’s start from the beginning.

I found that a lot of GIS pros get lost in all the database and SQL
materials that are out there. There’s no good overview material
or some kind of introduction to the subject that would be GIS

So, to bridge this gap I’ve prepared one hour online class to help you
understand the big picture of database technologies and SQL
in GIS context.

The class is next week and will teach it LIVE. You can ask
me questions about the material during the class.

The online class is FREE and you can register here!

Kuba Konczyk