Introduction to web development for GIS professionals – free online classes

Introduction to web mapping application development for GIS professionals - free online classes

If you're GIS professional and you want to learn how to build web applications that works with spatial data I would like to invite you to a FREE online class where you will learn:

Class 1: High level introduction to web development:

  • Why bother with web development if you're GIS professional?
  • What's really a web application and how it's different from an ordinary web site. You will also learn about differences between web applications and web mapping applications.
  • The main functional components of each web mapping application and how they work together as a whole.
  • What are the fundamental web technologies, how they work together and how you can learn them to build web mapping applications. Actually, you will learn what's the best way to learn web development if you're GIS professional.

Class 2: Putting it all together: building your first web mapping application step by step.

In this class I will show you how you can build your first fully functional web mapping application. No programming experience needed!

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After the confirmation I will send the links to both classes.

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Your host:

Screen Shot 2016-07-01 at 21.13.51Kuba Konczyk has been programming for twenty years now. In the last few years he helped build several web applications including two geoportals and numerous other GIS applications and tools.

For more than a year now, he's helping GIS professionals learn programming.