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The Suprising Truth About What (Learning) Programming is Really About

Beginners that learn programming tend to focus on tools. That’s all well an good,but what if our tools keep changing?

There’s this one unchangeable activity in programming. No matter what kind of programming you do (or plan to do) this will stay the same.

It’s also a great guiding light when you’re confused about what to learn (on not learn) in programming next.

How You Can Choose The Best Programming Language For Web Development

In this video I do my best to help you out with making this important choice by giving you a really practical and down to earth “rule” to choose what will be best for you.

If you consider learning web development,but stuck and can’t move forward this video will be perfect for you.

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How To Quickly Get Started With Web Development

A lot of beginners wanting to learn web development get overwhelmed when they see how many moving parts are there to learn.

In this video you will learn about one key assumption about learning web development that is not true,but holds a lot of people back from even getting started.

I will also show you how you can start really quickly with web development with nothing more that a simple text editor and your browser.

Ok, I haven’t mentioned where to start learn HTML.
You can easily get started at
I really like how they simplify things,so I’m
sure you will like it too.

The two blocks holding you back from learning programming and how to overcome them.

Learning a complex skill like programming can be tough. Doesn’t have to be. But when you’re starting out you will be experiencing those two block that will hold you back.

And yes this is totally normal. Even developers that have years of experience under their belts will experience those block from time to time. It’s just our natural reaction when we need to learn something new.

Watch this video to find out how to deal with those two blocks, get unstuck and get to your personal next level of programming (whatever it might be right now)

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